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Start your journey from Ercan Airport and reach any destination comfortably with POY’s quality car rental service.

Ercan Airport Car Rental Service

Enjoy the freedom of completing your journey. With POY Rent A Car, you can comfortably, safely, and economically reach every corner of Cyprus starting from Ercan Airport. We offer options suitable for every taste and need with our latest model, well-maintained, and clean vehicle fleet.

With our daily, weekly, or monthly flexible rental options, you can easily find the vehicle that best fits your budget and plans. We aim for you to experience quality in an economical way with our affordable prices and special discounts. Also, we are always with you with our 7/24 support line; so you can enjoy your trip without any doubts in your mind.

At POY Rent A Car, we strive to perfect your car rental experience. With our easy reservation process, fast vehicle delivery and return, transparent contract terms, and customer satisfaction-oriented service philosophy, we are with you throughout your journey. You can review customer comments to learn about the experiences of our other guests and get to know the POY difference more closely.

Minimum age limit of 21, at least a 2-year driver’s license, and a credit card or a certain deposit are among our conditions. You can review our contract for all details.

Economical travels with our budget-friendly and fuel-efficient models.
Vehicles with comfortable and stylish designs ideal for daily use.
Premium class vehicles for your special days or for a comfortable journey.

The Best Way to Rent a Car at Ercan Airport

POY Rent A Car offers its customers a wide and quality range of vehicles. With many options ranging from new model cars to luxury class cars, it awaits you at Ercan Airport. It’s now very easy to find the vehicle that best fits both your budget and your needs.

Economic Car Rental in Cyprus

If you’re looking for a rent a car service that brings quality affordably, POY is just for you. With its competitive prices and special discounts, it makes your car rental experience in Cyprus economical.

Easy Car Rental in Cyprus

Thanks to POY Rent A Car’s user-friendly website, you can easily reserve your car online. In a few simple steps, you can book your vehicle for the dates you want.

Customer-Oriented Service

When getting a rental car service, reliability and customer satisfaction are priorities. With years of experience, POY has adopted a customer-oriented service understanding. It supports you at every stage, from the delivery of your car to its return.

Expert Consultation and Support

Every customer sometimes needs support or consultancy during the car rental process. POY Rent A Car does not leave you alone with its expert team. They help in everything from determining which car is best for you to recommendations about places to visit in Cyprus.

Flexible Delivery Options

Do you want to receive your car at Ercan Airport, at your hotel, or perhaps anywhere in Cyprus? POY offers you this freedom with its flexible delivery options. Depending on your needs, you can get your vehicle wherever and whenever you want.

Road Assistance and Assistance Service

If you ever have a problem on the road, POY’s 7/24 road assistance and assistance service is by your side. Feel the comfort of being safe with a support team by your side at all times.

Extra Equipment Options

Maybe you need a child seat, or perhaps a navigation device. POY Rent A Car offers you a fully equipped car rental experience with its extra equipment options.

Contract and Transparency

POY has made transparency a principle in all your transactions. There are no hidden fees or extra costs in contracts. The amount you pay and the service you receive are completely clear and net.

If you want to elevate your car rental experience at Ercan Airport to the highest level, POY Rent A Car is the right address for you. With its prominence in quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, this service will make your trip to Cyprus unforgettable.


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