At Ercan Airport, cleaning your vehicle is our job. Continue your journey with a clean car!

Ercan Airport Car Washing Service

Do you want to restore your vehicle to its original cleanliness after your journey? With POY’s professional car wash service, we thoroughly clean your car down to the smallest detail, giving it a shiny and well-maintained appearance. Our expert team delivers a perfect cleaning experience using the highest quality cleaning materials and techniques without damaging your car.

Thanks to our location at Ercan Airport, you can entrust your car to us before or after your flight and benefit from our impeccable cleaning service. With our comprehensive interior and exterior cleaning, when you return from your journey, you will find your car as fresh as the first day. With POY, your vehicle is always well protected and cleaned.


Cyprus and Ercan Airport Good Car Wash Service

The cleanliness of a car affects not only its aesthetic beauty but also its performance. Dirt, mud, and dust can cause your vehicle to lose its shine, and over time, some mechanical parts may get damaged. The hot climate of Cyprus, the salty air of the seaside, and the pollution brought by urban life can cause stubborn dirt to easily stick to car surfaces. Therefore, it’s essential to get the best washing service for your vehicle.

Experience and Quality Combined in Cyprus Car Wash

POY is a well-established and trusted brand known for its services at many locations in Cyprus, especially at Ercan Airport. It demonstrates its expertise and quality in car wash services. With professional equipment, an expert team, and high-quality cleaning materials, POY restores your car to its original shine.

Make a Difference with Detailed Cleaning

Many car wash services only clean the exterior surfaces. However, POY meticulously cleans every corner of your vehicle. It provides a detailed cleaning service, from rims to interior upholstery, from the engine part to the trunk. Additionally, it protects your vehicle’s surface from external factors with special protective layers.

Protect Nature with Ecological Solutions

POY aims to protect both your vehicle and nature using eco-friendly products. With water-saving washing techniques and biodegradable cleaning products, POY offers both an economical and ecological car wash experience.

If you value your car and want to get it cleaned in the best possible way, your best choice in Cyprus is definitely POY Car Wash Service. With quality, reasonable prices, and superior customer satisfaction, POY promises to restore your car to its original shine. Choose POY to provide the best care for your vehicle, and feel the difference!